Making A Safe Commuter Rail Industry Even Safer

All commuter rail systems have successfully met the 2018 Positive Train Control (PTC) congressional milestones and are 100 percent committed to meet the December 2020 deadline for full PTC implementation.

What is PTC?

Known as PTC, Positive Train Control is complex signaling and communications technology that is designed to make rail even safer. This cutting-edge technology has been developed, tested, and installed in rail systems across the country.

Most of PTC can’t be bought “off-the-shelf,” it comes from industry-wide innovation to meet the technical challenges. Many of these components are new technologies being designed and developed for PTC, and railroads must integrate them with their existing systems.

Commitment To Safety

Safety is our #1 priority and we share a 100% commitment to making commuter travel even safer with PTC.

Commitment To Safety
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Innovating To Meet Challenges

Implementing PTC is an unparalleled technological and financial challenge in scale, complexity, and time required.

Innovating To Meet Challenges
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Making Solid Progress

Commuter railroads are doing everything possible to meet the Congressional installation deadline.

Making Solid Progress
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Cities can cut road traffic deaths in half with increased use of public transit

Spotlight On Commuter Rail

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Traveling by commuter or intercity rail is
18x safer
than traveling by automobile

Public transit is the safest mode of surface transportation available in America.