Making Solid Progress

The entire commuter industry has been tirelessly working to develop, test, install, and customize PTC for every single system. To ensure timely completion of the PTC milestones, the commuter railroads are meeting regularly with the Federal Railroad Administration individually and collectively. We have committed billions of dollars and countless hours to getting it done and we are making solid and continuous progress to meet the congressional milestones:  installing PTC by December 31, 2018 and implementing it by December 31, 2020.


We are proud to report that the commuter rail industry is making good progress toward achieving installation milestones. According to the most recent data (as of September 30, 2020) the following industry progress is as follows:

Safety is a national priority that requires the resources and focus from every stakeholder.


One reason that the commuter rail industry has made good progress is because the agencies have had opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other.


In recent months and years, APTA has have brought the commuter rail industry together. We have formed user groups for different types of PTC technology and convened regular meetings for each group. PTC sessions have been available at APTA conferences. In addition, APTA has hosted PTC summits with FRA and congressional staff, representatives from all commuter railroads (even those who are not members), and freight railroads.

A transponder is installed on the Cynwyd Line (SEPTA,

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